Flugelhorn  Instrumental Tuition

     DAVE   LAND  Freelance Musician 


Milka Chocolates 
St Ivel 
Spanish Tourist Board 
Saatchi & Saatchi
Woolwich Building Society
Carlsberg Fifa World Cup 2002
Buzz Airlines
Everest Glazing
Dove Soap
The Carshop
Budweiser Beer (US)
Budweiser Ice (US)
Co-Op East of England

Johnson & Johnson

Scottish Amicable

The Walters Group

National Car Rentals

Budweiser -  Penquins Series (US)

Metro Timber

Cineworld Multiplex

Commerzbank - (German TV)

Vidal Sassoon

Aardman Animations


Hampson Hughes Solicitors

ebay Official radio jingle


MI TVC  (China)

Skittles TV ADVERT (U.S.)

FORD - (German TV)


Lego Rock Band                           (Walking On Sunshine)

Band Hero                              (Walking On Sunshine)

Singstar  (Walking On Sunshine)

Sony Playstation 1                          (Game * Main Theme)



Running With Scissors (Mr Blue - soundtrack)

Herbie 'Fully Loaded'   (Walking on Sunshine)

Mr Bean (Walking On Sunshine) 

American Psycho   (Walking on Sunshine)  
Heavens Gate (On Screen + Original Soundtrack)

Ave ( Catherine Feeney - Soundtrack)

Look Who's Talking (Walking On Sunshine)  

Running With Scissors (Mr Blue - soundtrack)

Hope & Glory  (On Screen + Original Soundtrack)

Race The Sun (Walking On Sunshine)

Dance to the music of Time                                                             (On Screen + Original Soundtrack)

The Snow Queen  (Original Soundtrack)

The Snow Queen Revenge   (Original Soundtrack)

Rebecca (On Screen + Original Soundtrack)

Ask Max  (Walking On Sunshine)

The Pearse Sisters ( Original Soundtrack)

Driven by Graham Hill (Original Soundtrack)
Daddy Day Care (Walking On Sunshine)

High Fidelity (Walking On Sunshine)

The Secret Of My Success (Walking On Sunshine)

Camille (Walking On Sunshine)

Scandal Makers (Walking On Sunshine)

Don't Make me Laugh, I'm wet enough already!  ( Original Soundtrack)

The Blue & the Grey (Original Soundtrack)

The Moon (Walking On Sunshine)

Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure (Walking On Sunshine)

Miss Conception     (Mr Blue - soundtrack)

Walking on Sunshine (Walking on Sunshine)

T0m & Viv (Main title theme PCTO)


TV inc: Signature tunes - Onscreen - Incidental music

Top of the Pops
Day Time Live

The Generation Game(Jim Davidson)
Noel Edmonds House Party
Soldier Soldier (ITV)
In Concert (ITV)
The Trench (ITV)
Poirot (BBC Radio 4)
Gioconda Scott's Paradise Kitchens (Sky)
Lucinda Lambton's Sublime Suburbia (BBC)
Children in Need (BBC)

Noel Edmonds 'New York'House Party
Just William Series 1

A Place in the Sun Home & Away (CH 4)

Bud Ice American Superbowl xxx        (US TV)

Location Location Location

Sally Anne (ITV)

Chance in a Million (ITV)

Come Dancing (BBC)

United Kingdom  Pro Dance                  Champianships (DSI TV)

The Drew Carey Show (US TV)                (Walking On Sunshine)

Gilmore Girls (US TV)                                       (Walking On Sunshine)

Prison Break (US TV)                                         (Walking On Sunshine)

Futurama (US TV)

(Walking On Sunshine)

Four in a Bed (Channel 4 episode 32-38)

(Audio network - incidental music track)

SOS Big Build (channel More4)

Peter Kay Car Share series 2 (BBC )

(Walking On Sunshine)

The Big Bang Theory

(Walking On Sunshine)

The Goldbergs

(Walking On Sunshine)

American Dad

(Walking On Sunshine)

It's always sunny in Philidephia

(Walking On Sunshine)


(Walking On Sunshine)

Drop Dead Diva

(Walking On Sunshine)

Cold Case

(Walking On Sunshine)


(Walking On Sunshine)


(Walking On Sunshine)

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

(Walking On Sunshine)